Monday, April 6, 2009

Caught between 2 churches...Pt 2 Metropolitan Cathedral

Why not Metropolitan Cathedral?

Obviously,this was not our first choice because of some reasons:
1. The noise outside the church can be heard inside. Noises such as tricycles, jeeps,cars etc..This is so because this church is situated in the heart of Naga City.
2. The church has a poor sound system. People at the back cannot hear clearly what the priest is saying.
3. There is a chance that passerby  are likely to drop by and 'watch' what is goin' on.

Why Metropolitan Cathedral?

We had a time to rethink of the 'possibility' of this Church and our only deciding factor was if we can book it earlier. 
1. The church's interior was sooooo magnificent, we're so confident that it will be so gorgeous on print.
2. Its proximity to 'centro' makes it convenient to guests. Centro means access to Hotels,Department Stores(for gifts!),Restaurants etc.
3. Interior lighting is conducive for photo ops/effects. 
4. The church's rate is relatively cheaper than Basilica Minore. We saved a few bucks! 
5. We had it booked last December 2008. I think they are considerate to couples who wanted everything to be planned beforehand. Thanks!phew...

Although its hard to decide, we settled for Metropolitan Cathedral.

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