Monday, April 6, 2009

Caught between two churches... Pt. 1-Basilica Minore Church

While looking for the perfect place to exchange our I Dos, we were caught between these 2 magnificent churches in Naga City. Metropolitan Cathedral vs Basilica Minore Church

Why Basilica Minore Church?
This is actually our first choice because of several reasons:
1. The place is so solemn which gives you an 'airy' and 'heavenly' feeling.
2. The place is so tranquil, one cannot here noisy rumblings of tricycles,jeeps,cars, etc...  
3. It also gives you a certain privacy since it is not situated in the heart of the city.You can be saved from prying eyes and ears of ususeros.( It is a 15 minute ride from 'centro')
4. The audio system is good.
5. The church itself is spacious and well lighted.

Why not Basilica Minore Church?
1. They do not accept early bookings. We went there Nov 2008, which is 9 months before the wedding, to book the event but they said they are not yet accepting bookings for August 2009. (Maybe they are not keen on couples who wanted to prepare everything in advance)
2. The church is still under construction.  
3. I was pretty sold to the idea that Basilica can pull it off beautifully in pictures but when we went there to take a look at the interiors, we saw some pillar moldings that is under construction. When i asked my tita who worked as an Engineer there,  i was a bit disappointed as she was not even sure when will the completion date be. They are still awaiting donations for future months :(
4. We went there during an actual wedding ceremony just to estimate how much work is needed in decorating the church. And i am quite disappointed that even the most beautiful flowers adorning the isles and the altar cannot pull off the empty and plain space of the church.The church is way too big and the background is so plain that it eats up all the decorations in the church.
5. The lights are like those in the mall. I don't know the implications but i think in pictures it flattens the subjects??.  

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