Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Evaluating 'Gig' Venue

A rundown of the scoresheet for the best wedding gig venue. The lower the score the better.

1. The Eco Park, Naga City
  • Amount of work to be done - 10 pts. The place looks like a rainforest,its so bare that even the most equiped/creative event stylist would sigh in disbelief. Put together rain contingencies,lighting effects, mosquito and other insect repellants,supplier logistics, comfort rooms etc...
  • Bucks consideration - 7 pts. The place can be rented in a relatively cheap rate (5k-6k). What makes it 7 pts is that it is not bundled with the caterers,we could have saved 5k-6k if it was. We also need to consider the amount of decorations to be thrown in the budget.
  • Can it relate to our theme? - 5 pts. Since the place itself is bare, we can have all the freedom to transform it to anything that we like plus it has a beautiful stage which can pass as a perfect harmony of rock concert feel and decency. Also worth mentioning, the place is more of a Mid Summer Nights Dream feel.
  • Perks - 8pts. Only the discount that was given to K because of the blood relationship with the caretaker.
All in all 30 pts.

2. The Club House, Jardin Real de Naga
  • Amount of work to be done - 6pts. This place was made for this type of functions, so the layout is pretty impresive and well planned out.The only decorations left to be done are the table settings plus transforming it to the 'theme' that we envisioned. Also, the space is just right for the planned number of guests.
  • Bucks consideration - 3pt. This place is for free, because it's already bundled with the food. The only costs is for the additional event styling.
  • Can it relate to our theme? - 5pts. This will depend upon our events stylist,since the place is ready for anything. Except of course for the extended time of partying and merrymaking, which might cause distrubance to surrounding areas(this is situated inside a private subdivision).Throw in the PA setup,stage, black balloons,kiddie station,vines of all sorts,etc..
  • Perks - 3pts. Are your kidding?This place is for free...What additional perks could you ask for.Plus the 'special discount' that we got from our Caterer.
All in all 15 pts. ;)

3. The Villas at CWC Sports Complex

  • Amount of work to be done - 7pts. The place is big, so it needs  a hefty amount of decoration requirements. But similar to The Clubhouse, this structure was made for this type of functions.
  • Bucks consideration - 4pts. Although the place is for free,since it is bundled with the food, the cost of styling and decorating the place may eat up a significant portion of the budget.
  • Can it relate our theme? -  2pt. Hell yeah! We can put up large PA systems, concert-like stages and we can decorate it to be the Big I'nk Event venue and nobody in the neighborhood will care.
  • Perks - 2pts. Aside from the 0 cost consideration, it is strategically located in the heart of CWC, guests can enjoy both the event and wakeboarding/swimming etc... 
All in all 15 pts. ;)

Ooh it's a tie, what's next?


  1. yung villas or clubhouse na lang. hehehe

  2. medyo mahirap talaga magdecide between the 2.Pabor sa 'adventurous guests' ung The Villas...hehehe ;)

  3. I am not sure if the Villas can be 100% exclusive. CWC is a place for a lot of people.