Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where will be the 'gig'?

We started planning out our wedding 1st quarter of 2008(that's more than a year before the I'nK event..talk about planning!). And one of the very first decisions that we need to come up with is the reception venue. We had a couple of options but we ended up torn between this 2 places..ops pahabol 3 places pala:

1. Naga City's Eco Park which is situated in Bgy San Felipe
2. The Clubhouse, Jardin Real de Naga
3. The Villa in Cam Sur Water Complex

How will we decide? Let's evaluate it based on:
1. Amount of work(beautification) to be done. 10 pts needs a lot of work to done and 1pt no work to be done.
2. Bucks consideration. 10 pts for costly and 1pt practical
3. Can it relate to our 'theme'? 10 pts is not supportive of our theme and 1pt as a perfect match. 
4. Perks..perks...perks...10pts no perks at all and 1 pt perks perks and perks...

1 comment:

  1. I think we also need comparison on the ff:
    1.proximity from the church. and from the centro.
    2.quality of food
    3.potential service quality
    Just a thought...